This is going to be a delicious and PRODUCTIVE week. And it’s all thanks to the tricks and tips that we loaded up into this FIVE SECRETS. Most of us want to enjoy each day and make the most out of each week, but we don’t because we “don’t have time” or we “don’t organize ourselves” to do it.

If you take the time on Sunday to make focus on what really matter FIRST, that problem will be solved. And you’ll be fueling up to live up your week just as expected, without anxiety or stress.

These are 5 things you need to keep in mind when you organize your week because they will help you focus on the price.


I’m not a fan of depriving myself. So I reserve my right to have little bites 2 or 3 days a week. JUST BITES, not WHOLE CAKES OR COMPLETE CHOCOLATES. If you can’t have bites because you need more, then have just ONE DAY. In ONE DAY I usually stuff myself so much that I want to eat right the rest of the week. (I usually don’t recommend this because the days end adding up)

One day I went to eat churros, cinnabon and ice cream in one afternoon, after that I didn’t eat sweets in months because I was just TIRED OF IT.  Just make sure you won’t repeat this everyday.

  • If you want something TOO BAD, have a bite and forget about it. Focus on other activity: read a book, watch TV, call a friend, go to the gym, cook a new healthy recipe.
  • Divide your guilty pleasures. If you bought icecream, make sure to have only one tablespoon a day instead of one or two cups after each meal.
  • If you want something fried, look for a place that serves that in a healthier version. There are many! You could also use an air fryer. If you want something sweet, look for a healthier option. This is a chocolate cookie I usually buy when I want to eat something to kill cravings.


Like the cookie example, there are many. Feel free to explore and find delicious healthy options!

You could turn your supermarket issues easy if you are one of those who never have ingredients to cook.

I grocery-shop online using services like Merkdoo. The biggest reason I do it is so I have plenty of healthy foods around when I need them without time excuses (I kind do it anytime, from my cellphone without leaving home), and also so that I can avoid unhealthy impulse buys like candy or desserts at the grocery store because you’re focused on what you need to buy and nothing you don’t need runs in sight.

  • Prepare your meals two days a week. I usually prepare 3 days on mondays and on wednesdays. If you don’t like to serve the complete meal, you could just make a batch of each ingredient. Boil vegetables, roast chicken or fish, do the brown rice. In that way you won’t have to cook the same things all days and you can mix and match depending on what you want to eat.
  • Have at least 3 options of sweet treats that are easy to grab and go: jelly, smoothies, sugar free cookies
  • Cook simple ingredients and mix them each day in a different way with different species or natural sauces. That will avoid boredom and will let you choose based on what you are feeling or craving on that moment.



If you feel tired about having grilled chicken and fish with classic salads, GET GREATIVE. I love to go to new places and taste different flavours to try to make them at home.








To remember what you liked the most and break the routine, you could buy ingredients you’ve never cooked before and find ways to make them.

  • Keep a journal with flavours you want to try and recipes you’ve done
  • Get inspired on pinterest, there are many ways to prepare meals depending on what you want to eat
  • Try a new recipe each week



The moments when I end up eating junk are usually at home or in places where I don’t have any option. If your house is full of cakes or sweets, get rid of them! If you can’t because they are from other members of the family, buy treats or temptation that is acceptable for you and move out of your sight those that won’t work for you.

The best way to avoid temptation is to:

  •  Write a list with the 10 reasons why you are taking the decision not to eat that and remind each of them when you feel out of control. If you can’t stop either way, the reasons aren’t strong enough and you should think if this journey really matters.
  • You need to boost your urgency level and remember why you need to stop NOW, not tomorrow or next week. Compromise yourself to achieve your goal for an specific date, don’t make space to wait longer.
  • Declutter and organize a space with your stuff, not your family’s junk snacks. You can build up your own pantry.



Often without realizing it, we fall into a habit of eating when they feel worried, anxious, nervous, or stressed.

On a purely rational level, this may not make sense – what does eating have to do with reducing anxiety? But humans are complex, and there are a number of ways that eating may serve an anxiety-reducing function. First, let’s highlight a few things we know about the overlap between anxiety and overeating.

  • We want to escape from self awareness: we focus on food rather than in ourselves and our responsability.

Find hobbies, exercise routines or things you love to do apart from eating.

  • Emotion Regulation: if you feel sad, stressed of happy, food doesn’t HAVE to be part of it, you can focus on other activities such as sports, music or dancing to ease any emotion.
  • Trade off: That is, anxiety could trigger someone to overeat because s/he dislikes the anxiety and has learned that eating seems to soothe the feelings, at least temporarily. Meditation and affirmations often help us to remember why we started and why this is so important to improve our quality of live. Write 5 affirmations sentences that you could read to yourself each morning to remind why every effort is important. 

Afterall, it is just an emotional trigger we need to break before it’s too late. Meditate or make space to stretch at least 15 or 10 minutes a day. 

I hope this 5 tricks help you organize your week and, focus on what will really matters and make you feel a difference!


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