«The only thing that is between your goal and making an impact with your personal brand is the story that you keep telling yourself about why you can not achieve it»

I still remember when I was just designing my programs, just thinking about how awesome it would be to have them done and perfect. Since I was always thinking about the PERFECT element, I didn’t launched, I didn’t look for clients, I didn’t comunicate anything… I made up excuses because I didn’t looked as I wanted to so I could be able to help or start designing something that could change lives. Is that even fair?

This is a little part and review of one of the articles my coach Yael Bern shared with me. She was part of my journey when I had too many excuses. Excuses about not being enough, excuses about perfectionism, excuses about time, excuses about not having enough clients, excuses about not being able to share because I wasn’t clear or ready enough. Excuses about not making the next step because I needed something else.

Excuses. A subject we love, but we are both victims of it. WE ALL ARE!

I want to ask you directly: If you could change or improve something in your life at this time that will help you feel happier, or improve your quality of life, what would you change?

What would you do differently? What came to your mind? How many things do you want to improve?

Keep that in mind. Why haven’t you done something? Are you taking action right now, TODAY?

I knew I had to change that cycle of excuses and I sorrounded myself of people to work it out.


We always justify ourselves for not doing what we NEED TO DO. And the worse part, is that we call them reasons instead of excuses.

Are they reasons or excuses?
Here is the difference.

  • The excuse appears when we need to apologize or evade an obligation or responsibility.
  • A reason is the true fact behind or cause behind taking action or not, responsibly and consciously.

Excuses are the thieves by excellence of the footprint that we want to leave with our personal brand, and your brand ends up being your story, your life.

Another way to understand it: when the argument is preceded by a DO NOT WANT, it is usually a REASON (most of the times). When preceded by I CAN NOT, it is usually an excuse.
We are experts putting things off because we do not want to take responsibility.
We postpone the changes, postpone the improvements, postpone the challenges: we postpone ourselves, so we postpone our happiness.
It is easier to build excuses and blame others for what happens to us, than to hold us accountable for what we do or do not do.
Excuses: We use them constantly to escape from situations in which we do not want to meet or that we simply fear to face.

Will you keep running away from your fears or will you train your mindset to feel even more motivated when you feel this way. 

Andres Piñeiro once told me… it depends on what meaning you give to fear. What does fear means to you? Does it mean you’ll stop? Does it mean you won’t be able to push or insist? Does it mean you won’t keep looking for other ways? Will you give up?

Excuses are just a way to justify ourselves to accept failure. An unconscious or conscious way to run away from our best version and refuse to be all we can get to do.

All humans have a tendency to justify those actions that must be changed with some original excuse that makes us feel better.
When we try to create and keep new habits, we look for some justification to avoid change and hold tight to old habits because it is comfortable and easy.

If that habit does not let you do the things that make you happy, then that habit does not serve you and you need to change it for another that if it serves you.

Here is where Andrea takes action making habit forming programs to help you exchange bad old habits for awesome habits that support your growth, not just today but in the next years.

The good news is that if we identify what these excuses are, we can STOP them and take action. If you want to conquer your mountain you will have to start walking, sweating and climbing … only if you want! Nobody will MAKE YOU do it, but yourself. YOU CAN DO IT.

If you want to turn low that LOUD EXCUSES and know why don’t you get as committed as you need, check Yaels entire article here.

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