There are a lot of reasons behind the two week challenge I designed for this october. First, something that not too many people think about: preventative healthy habits.  

I really care about building healthy habits because each of them make an impact in many other areas of our life. They will improve your discipline and that discipline is an invaluable tool that will help you in other situations.

Looking at the medical area, preventative healthy habits are a defense against many chronic illnesses and can result in a prolonged lifespan, according to the World Research Foundation. Preventative measures, such as regular physical examinations, allow health care providers to detect illnesses in their early stages and not only detect them, but avoid them from appearing. Early detection leads to prompt treatment, which can prevent an illness from becoming serious or life-threatening.

If you say that this isn’t happening on Panama, you need to see this article from La Prensa

People usually see sickness as a consequence of age, when age is only a number if you take care of yourself. Of course your body will not be the same at 60 but it could feel and look great if you make space to take care of it.

Caring of it doesn’t has to be painful or difficult, you just need to train your mind to find ways you can enjoy it.

People usually look at the physical part, the classic “I don’t want to be fat”. That is just the secondary part. 

For me, exercise helps me in a lot of ways, not only to look and feel how I want to. Exercise sets my mind up for success, i love to train my mind to feel that I can do anything.

Routine exercises offer several health benefits, including strengthening the bones, heart and lungs, according to diverse studies. Exercise can also improve vitality, relieve depression, anxiety and improve quality of sleep. It can also prevent serious illnesses such as endocarditis, heart disease, strokes and many other.

Preventative habits also impact the economic environment of health care, according to the World Research Foundation. Preventing serious illness can help individuals avoid financial loss or bankruptcy, and it can also contribute to an affordable health care system. As more people practice preventative health habits, insurance premiums are likely to reduce over time.

So… the real thing is, why do you want to be healthy?

Because it will let you wear any kind of trendy clothes?

Because it will help you feel better with your partner?

Because it will boost your mindset and help you achieve goals you can’t even imagine?

Take care of yourself and set up for success. 


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