Work with us

Work with us

We believe that everything is possible as far as we can imagine it.

Both of us grew thinking that we are the only ones responsible to go after our ideas and work for them, even though we do not think exactly the same, after a while, we realized that we could work as a team, getting the best of each other and the best of the the rest.

Paco began, on the one hand, with all the possible courses, books and programs with a series of workshops and different activities with students of schools, to help them achieve their dreams. On the other hand, Andrea decided focused on her professional side and hobbies, learning new recipes and putting on practice different training guides that were congruent with an active lifestyle, seeking to increase productivity at a professional level, reduce stress and improve personal well-being. One wanted to learn, grow and share. Another wanted to feel better without giving up her lifestyle.

We worked by our own sides until we realized that we had pieces that matched and that would complement each other. Tying each point, we could go further by sharing our strengths. Seeing our goals, we knew that there was an opportunity to achieve them together and support each other in the process.

At some point we shared the goal of eating healthier food and we managed to transform the way we eat at home, and even introduced one or another healthy habit in our family environment. We loved the idea that our impact could become greater as we reach other people through this platform, from this we thought about the name Life and Mindset.

Although our approach is different, we both seek to change things for the better. The attitude and mentality that we have towards the challenges is reflected directly in our life. Along the way, we noticed that it was common to forget to dedicate a moment of the day to focus on where we wanted to be in a couple of years and what we were going to do to achieve it. When we started to invest that time, we could felt the difference and decided to do this to help others focus on what they want. By achieving this, we can stop imagining and start living to bring our desires to reality.

meet our team
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Andrea Vasquez

Health Coach

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Paco Vasquez

Life Coach