People who know me from a long time ago can tell I’ve not always been an sporty person, it all has been part of what I call a process. I’m the girl in the picture, I usually was having fun in bars, concerts, hang outs and many more. Party all time!

Andrea Vasquez party

I actually started this process because I had arrythmia without reason. I had a common teenage lifestyle, started drinking at 16, went to party and and kept drinking from thursday to saturday, ate whatever type of food you putted infront of me and didn’t even think about the word “diet” because I’ve always been skinny. I was even lazy!

A couple of years ago when the arrythmia thing started I didn’t even know what it was. I discovered it because I felt dizzy a during moments of the day, I felt my heartbeat running when I was doing absolutely nothing. I could be laying in a hammock and i felt my heart racing! And I usually felt it when I was drinking, it was a bad sign.

That got my parents worried and I went to the doctor. They told me I had to take some heart medicine, that I had to stop drinking because that messed up the situation even more and I was like whaaaat, I’m too young to be talking pills of this type. The doctor told me that the only way I could strenghten my heart and control that arrythmia to recover my regular heartbeat and avoid the dizziness was doing more exercise.

Obviously I took it to the extreme and I got into the cayuco team of my workplace. Why? I’ll never know. I just know I love challenges and I was going through a rough time so I needed excitement and something to focus my mind on.

Andrea Vásquez Coach Trainer

That’s when all started.

The demand of energy and training of that season really shifted my mindset. Nowadays I don’t practice cayuco anymore but it helped me to discover a type of relieve that only sports give me. A relieve that today I find in other disciplines such as running and aerial silks.

If two years ago anybody told me: “Andrea you’ll be running a marathon in less than 5 years” I would’ve said: “You’re NUTS, I can’t do that”.

And it wasn’t any marathon it was a MAJOR MARATHON in BERLIN! No one would’ve believed that I was going to travel around the world to different races put
marathon andrea vasquezting my effort to test, all while I worked in a regular 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work. And it all was possible because opportunity met skills and I trained my mindset beyond excuses.

What I mean is that, once you have a heavy reason, you can train your mindset to do anything you want, you’ll push yourself harder to become the person you need to be to achieve a goal or dream, even if you think it is too big. And that’s not only for sports! Now I’m putting this to practice in my business: Life & Mindset.

This is not only a blog, this is my business, but since I’m a #soulpreneur I think about it as a way to guide and help people in that process of discovering something that can help them train their mindset just like I did. I was so excited about the idea that I got my Health Coaching Certification, went to Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event in California and even today I keep studying to be the best doing this: helping people on this path of self discovery and lifestyle design, until they see they can keep on by themselves. I don’t look for clients who just want to be skinny, I want clients that want to create a space to achieve something big enough that they will move, make things they’ve never done to make it happen and eventually results will appear. Not because you want to lose fat but because you’re enjoying the growth process and you’ll become the person you wish to be.

So if you want to know more details about what I’m doing with people CLICK HERE.


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