In august 2017 I had the opportunity and the courage to make a trip to Whistler, British Columbia, to spend some time with extraordinary people.

How did this happen?

Since I was 15 I was into personal development content. I truly enjoyed watching motivational speakers, coaches, trainers, and succesful people sharing valuable advice on success.

As time went by, I had the opportunity to work and earn enough money to travel to a Tony Robbin’s Event in LA. I knew my life was good, but felt there was something missing…

In that event I decided to change my life for good, and invested on a Tony Robbins coach. I spent pretty much all I had to pursue my dreams and raise the bar in my life. People thought I was crazy. My family thought I was scammed, and that I threw my money away.

After a year, I had doubled my income. But I didn´t stop there. I continued to go to more events. I discovered I wanted to become a coach too. My desire to help people out, learn more about self-improvement and success led me to attend an event called Leadership Academy in San Diego CA. Again, I was putting money in the line to pursue what I truly believed was the best for me…

If I had to describe my experience in 1 word, I would use the word: UNBELIEVABLE.

Why? After giving my all to learn during the event, I was able to meet people who:

  • Offered me a +10,000/month opportunity
  • Referred me to a great peer group and a mentor
  • Invited me fly in an air tube (this was FUN!)
  • Invited me to join him on a trip to the beach after I told him I would stay in the airport.
  • Gave me $200 just because they thought it was the right thing to do
  • Challenged me to be a billionaire in my life, meaning it

Unbelievable? Yes! Was it real? Yes! Is it possible for you? Why not?

By no means I publish this article to brag about what happened to me. I publish this so you can get a clue of what is possible when you do WHATEVER IT TAKES to take your dreams to life. Go to the event, go to the training, go where the people go, just GET IT DONE.

Carrying on with my story…

One of the guys I met in this event invited me to Whistler. One more time, I made a big investment to attend this trip. Flying from Panama to Canada, taking a bus to Whistler, staying at the Hilton, and paying for an exclusive event is not a cheap trip. The question is… was it worth it?

Stay tuned to my next blog post where i’ll share what I learned from the millionaires who attended the event.

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