In may we had our first EXCEPCIONAL LIFE Event where we had the priviledge to share with 10 extraordinary people. As we just said, they were extraordinary. Why? Because each of them made a huge decision: living life on their terms. 

Is this event for you? Figure it out if these bullets sound a lot like you. 

  • Do you think you can do better but for some reason you can’t seem to live up to your own expectations?
  • Do people tell you that you dream TOO BIG?
  • Are you deciding whether you should stick to your job or follow your passion?
  • Do you have a hard time accomplishing the goals you set?
  • Are you driven but disorganized?
  • Do you wish you could finish everything you start?
  • Would you like a more balanced life?
  • Are you eager to learn from everything you do?
  • Do you feel that you NEED to live a life without regrets?
  • Do you need structure in your life?
  • Are you too hard on yourself?
  • Would you like to leave a legacy to the world?

If any of these questions resonates with you, sign up for our next event. 

There is a point where we ask ourselves if we are giving the best we’ve got, and if the path we are walking on is the best one for us. Sometimes we feel that we need guidance or something that would allow us to focus on what really makes the difference in our life. For this, it is a must to train our mindset.

 How to do it? Through practical techniques that let us focus on the results we want, rather than on those things we “have to do”. The idea is to make the transition from a life full of tasks, to a life full of actions with purpose, where each day you get closer to your goals.

What for? To feel good about what you do on the journey towards what you want. Success can be fun and exciting if we enjoy the process.

This event was created to help you design your life, so that you can see every step, every decision and every opportunity from a new point of view. The idea behind this is that you feel truly satisfied with what you do each day, knowing that you are going in the right direction.

This event has four parts:


You’ll discover your true identity, your values and what is really important for you and your priorities in life.

How can you be successful if you don’t know what you want?


You’ll explore each area of your life, set goals and plans to achieve them. You’ll learn how to set up your weekly planner including the key areas of your life.

Rate each area from 1 to 10 to find out where you are.

How balanced is your wheel?



In the beginning of the second day you’ll learn the common beliefs that hold you back from achieving what you want. Next, you’ll practice different techniques and strategies to get rid of those limiting beliefs.

Do you know what holds your back and how to eliminate it?


You’ll discover how to become an expert in your desired area of focus, no matter what it is. After this you’ll create your peer group and pick an accountability partner. This relationships are invaluable.

Do you know where to find the answers you need to be successful? 

Do you know how to get them?

Throughout the event you’ll be challenged to grow and expand, sometimes beyond your comfort zone. We’ll make sure you receive at least 10x the value you pay.

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