As you know, I haven’t been a runner for many years. I started running FOR REAL last year, with the Boost Girls Program where I had the opportunity to challenge myself and complete several races during a year.

I began running from 5K or 8K at the beginning of 2016. When I started I didn’t have the mindset or the resistance to complete a whole race. I felt the same kind of pains or discomfort that any person who starts by their own feels, it could be neck or back pain, sore legs, “dolor de yegua” and many other. I was really tense and it was because I didn’t had the proper technique, I didn’t sorrounded myself with people who could challenge me or pushed me further.

I’ve heard many people that say they don’t like to run. Maybe it’s because they haven’t find someone or a place that could teach them how to do it properly, based on your specific conditions.

Do you think you could run from 5K to 42K in a year? I did! 

Of course, there was a lot behind: proper nutrition, rest, organization… All the growth and improvement of my technique was thanks to adidas who led me in the process. Maybe running for 4 hours straight isn’t an attractive goal for you but… do you see yourself completing your first 10K? Or maybe a 5K will actually be a HUGE challenge if you’re not a sporty person.

The adidas RUNBASE is the perfect place to start. They’ll help you with any doubt and guide you to improve in every step.

Now you can be part of the oficial runners hub in Panama. It has the best facilities to develop the three fundamental pillars to be a great runner: resistance, strength and speed. PLUS, it also has the supervision and management of qualified specialists who lead each runner until they reach their goals and push them to discover their true potential.

WHERE IS IT? Avenida Balboa, old Extreme Planet Building, now called Sky Business Center.

Now you can easily complete your running session in Cinta Costera and go to take a shower in an awesome space just prepared for active people.

There are many special trainings for you to come and share with another athletes in progress.

What I love about it is that you can meet with persons as passionate as you. It’s a place for personal exchange and growth, inspired by a collective love for running, for sports and for an active lifestyle.  The RUNBASE gives the beginner or advanced runner all the elements to be better step by step.

What is your next challenge?


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