This weekend I had the opportunity to be part of the speakers of The Network Lounge, a space created by the recognized panamenian photographer Liz Pinto. I actually admire her a lot because she has created her own empire, based on her passion. And really quick!

When Liz told me about it, I just thought AWESOME! Because at the beggining, when I started thinking about doing my business or starting to think about the possibility of being an entrepreneur, any group of people or networking event came to my mind. Even though I worked in the Innovation Center, they where more recognized for technology things, not about services or traditional products. It took me a while to be able to understand the importance of this when I was just starting out, that I needed to get partners, accountability and a group of people to support me. 

My brother is actually my accountability partner, but as you know, sometimes is better to have 2 o 3 persons more to keep accountable and really push yourself.

The other speakers where Mariadny who is a wedding planner, Oscar Ruiz a movie youtuber and host and Andres Piñeiro, a digital nomad and travel enthusiast who I’ve worked with running a TV show before. I didn’t think is twice! It was a great opportunity to gather and inspire others, share valuable tips and help them feel more confident taking decisions.

The 3 TOP TIPS from the event that I can share with you are the following:

  • TRUST YOUR GUT, don’t listen to your family and friends, follow your dreams and make them happen
  • ASK EVERYONE, if you ask what you need, you’ll get the answer. It’s just like google!
  • KEEP GOING, just when you think you should give up: DON’T. You never know how close you are. It’s a persistance race, not a speed race.

As I started my business a year ago, I didn’t felt that I could do everything on my own. There where some things I could do very good, but there was a lot I left behind. I procrastinated and left them for other day if I had a small doubt about myself, or even forgot about them.

The Network Lounge is a good way to remind yourself you have a journey to enjoy, a team to create and a dream to build. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but it’s worth it!

When we start to take control of our fear and use it as fuel to move us instead of freezing us, we just start growing. In addition to having more professional results and in less time, we get filled with motivation and energy, sharing with other creative entrepreneurs, who are on the same path. We shook hands and we were dreaming big together.

I do not think I would be where I am today without investing my time and money in different networking events, some big ones and some small ones. That’s why, just as Liz I really believe in collaboration, sharing and caring.

The best thing I can share in advice is to make your dreams bigger that your fears, this will keep you moving!


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